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Today, your resume and online profile have to do more than summarize your work history. They need to present a picture of you, selling your talents and skills in a way that makes potential employers want to schedule an interview. A professionally written resume and job board profile can make you stand out in the crowded pool of applicants – and that’s what you need.
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Revamp Your Resume With Word of Mouth

Did you know that the hiring person typically spends less than a minute looking at your resume, and he or she spends most of that time skimming over the top one-third of your first page? That drives my goals. I want your resume to present your personality as well as your work history and education, and I also want it to look eye-catching.

I am a premier resume writer in Orlando with over 10 years of resume writing experience. Here’s how we will work together. You will complete a questionnaire in addition to sending me your existing resume if you have one. This is one of the primary ways I get to know you and your abilities. From that point, it generally takes me up to 5-7 business days to write the first draft. Your resume service includes the first draft and another round of changes. The majority of my clients only have small changes after their first draft.

I will ask to see your current resume or speak with you to give you a fair quote. Factors affecting the quoted fee include resume length, if you are a student fresh out of school, length of work history, chosen field you wish to apply for, and whether you want a traditional or unconventional resume.

Combine your new resume with my custom cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing services for maximum results!

Winning Results

"Michelle’s resume work for me was outstanding in terms of both quality and timeliness. The final result was far more eye-catching than anything I could have produced on my own and the writing was a major improvement over what I had prepared. Michelle was very responsive and easy to work with by phone and e-mail. I would highly recommend her service to anyone who needs a resume that will stand out from the crowd."

 ~ David, K.
"THANK YOU! My LinkedIn profile looks wonderful and that could only have happened due to your amazing skills, so again, thank you. I know I'll be in touch."

~ Lindsay J.
"Thank you Michelle. I feel as though I now have a fighting chance at finding a decent job! I'm so pleased with the resume! I will certainly send others your way."

~ Pam C
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